We are here to help, whatever the need...
Stress... Depression... Anxiety...

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out,
depressed or anxious?  Are you experiencing
marital or relationship conflict?  Struggling with
the loss of a loved one?  Concerned with weight
issues or not able to reach your full potential?  
Professional Counseling Services of Princeton
863 State Road 2nd Floor
Princeton, NJ 08540

P: 609-529-7526
Professional Counseling Services of Princeton LLC

Dr. Hickok, L.P.C., specializes in practical, proven problem solving methods.  
He can help you with the difficult challenges you face each and every day.  His
warm and compassionate approach will encourage and motivate you to move
forward with new found hope and strength to live the life you desire.
Weight Management...

Dr. Hickok participates in a weight management program designed to
encourage those who desire to lose weight as a part of a life style change.  A
large part of weight loss and weight maintenance is psychological.  Dr. Hickok
seeks to address the problematic areas of weight loss such as motivation,
stress and self esteem.  He partners with medical doctor Joanne Kalish who
provides medical attention and supervision with diet, tests, exercising and
medication if necessary.