Three warning signs of a troubled marriage

I am often asked, “What are the warning signs of a troubled marriage?”  
There are many warning signs that may exist in one’s marriage at any given
time.  In my many years of experience, I have narrowed them down to the
three most significant warning signs.  The first sign of trouble can best be
determined by asking the following question.  Do I look forward to spending
time alone with my spouse?  Could have and should have, however well
meaning, is very different from enjoying time with each other.  The second
question involves the presence or absence of conflict.  Do you argue
frequently about every day kinds of things or is there absence of discussion
regarding your feelings?  Is it safe to express yourself?  These questions
relate to the necessity of meaningful communication even when there is a
difference of opinion.  The third warning sign involves a couple’s thought
life.  Do you or your spouse have recurring thoughts of separation or
divorce?  Many times these thoughts are disguised as “would I be happier
with someone else” or “does he or she really love me?”  

These three signs do not mean that your marriage will end.  They are,
however, signs that would indicate your marriage is troubled.  Counseling
could help restore the unity and harmony necessary for a mutually rewarding
relationship that will withstand the trials and test of time.
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