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Frequently Asked Questions... About Counseling
Q: How do I know if I need counseling?
A: Many people wait until a crisis occurs before they seek counseling, which
is unfortunate because counseling then becomes crisis management.  It is
wise to consider counseling before any crisis occurs.
Counseling can be very helpful when one is stressed and confused about
the difficult challenges life brings.  Some get “stuck” and find it difficult to
function and move on.  Still others struggle with issues that can interfere with
relationships.  If you find yourself reading this question, it’s likely that you
could benefit from counseling.

Q: How long is each session?
A: Each session is 50 minutes in duration.

Q: What are the costs involved?
A: The fee is very reasonable when compared to other such services in the
area.  We are a fee for service provider with possible out-of-network
reimbursement depending on your policy coverage.  

Q: How many sessions will it take to complete my counseling needs?
A: Each client has unique needs and circumstances that make it difficult to
determine the exact number of sessions.  

Q: What if I need to cancel an appointment?
A: 24 hours notice is required to avoid a cancellation fee.
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